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About Rob Valentic Gondwana Reptile Productions.

Over the years, Rob has been a prolific publisher of articles in Magazines and Journals worldwide.  Rob's work has graced the pages of Australian Geographic, Reptiles Australia, Reptilian UK and Reptiles USA magazines, along with illustrations in numerous wildlife books both locally and internationally.  His photographs are represented online by two professional agencies, the Nature Picture Library in Bristol (England) and the ANT Photo Library in Melbourne (Australia).  He has also co-written and illustrated a widely acclaimed CD Rom on Australian Reptiles and Frogs.  His frequent travels throughout Australia have resulted in a huge, ever-growing collection of slides, documenting the diverse habitats and unique wildlife of his beloved home.                                                                                  

Rob Valentic photographing and Australian Black-headed Python.

Photographing reptiles in their natural habitat is a highly rewarding experience for me.  When the subject is co-operative, in addition to inhabiting an area of such natural beauty like this, it can't get much better!
Rob Valentic and a Yellow spotted Monitor Lizard Varanus panoptes panoptes.

A beautifully marked Yellow-spotted Monitor Varanus panoptes panoptes.
Rob Valentic and an Australian Black headed Python. Rob Valentic and an Australian King Brown Snake.
In response to cooler night temperatures, Black-headed Pythons Aspidites melanocephalus switch to diurnal activity, particularly mid-morning, throughout the dry season in tropical northern Australia. One of my beloved pets, a large King Brown Snake Pseudechis australis.  Of all the Australian reptiles, the larger venomous snakes are my firm favourites. 

Rob Valentic and an Australian Arafura File Snake Acrochordus arafurae. Rob Valentic and an Australian Eastern Brown Snake Pseudonaja textilis.

Described by one prominent Australian author as "having a face only a mother could love", this gravid female Arafura File Snake Acrochordus arafurae was found thermoregulating in this shallow, sunlit tropical creek.  File Snakes are right up there as one of my favourite snakes, so I disagree whole-heartedly with these sentiments! Removing venomous snakes from urban back yards is a common occurrance in the 'burbs.  This one is an adult female Eastern Brown Snake Pseudonaja textilis that decided to lay her eggs under a cubby house.

My missus Kelly gets down low for a perspective shot next to a large Stick Mantid Archimantis latistyla in the Gulf of Carpentaria in northern Australia.  This is one of the larger species of Mantid's occurring in Australia.