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Australian Reptiles Volume 1 CD-Rom

A selection of Australia's most spectacular snakes, lizards, frogs and their habitats:

A photographic guide.

Australian Reptiles Volume 1 - A selection of Australia's most spectacluar snakes, lizards, frogs and their habitats: a photographic guide the wild image team chris hay and rob valentic

Proudly produced by the Wild Image team in conjunction with Prism Graphic Services, Australian Reptiles Volume 1 - A selection of Australia's most spectacular Snakes, Lizards, Frogs and their Habitats, offers a unique introduction to virtual hunting, whereby the viewer is lead on a voyage of herpetelogical discovery through the diverse and visually stunning Australian landscape. The Photographic Guide is the fruition of seventeen years of extensive travel, research, patience and effort, often in trying circumstances governed by the unnecessarily hostile Australian Wildlife Laws. The Wild Image team (Chris Hay at left, Rob Valentic at right) about to drive straight into the first major storm cell at the start of the wet season. Pictured on the Diamantina Developmental Road midway between the townships of Mt Isa and Dajarra on the Barkly Tableland, north-western Queensland. Later that evening many species of snakes, including Black-headed Pythons Aspidites melanocephalus, King Brown Snakes Pseudechis australis and Barkly Death Adders Acanthophis spwere found in the act of crossing the stretch of road ahead.

Australian Reptiles Volume 1 - A selection of Australia's most spectacular Snakes, Lizards, Frogs and their Habitats, is the first reptile "book" in Australia to be exclusively produced on CD-Rom.  Featuring the amazing, high-impact, wide-angle photography of  Rob Valentic, the bulk of these photographs are to be viewed for the first time.  Do you ever get sick and tired of buying a new Herp book only to view repetitive photos of the same specimens, reprinted over and over again?  This CD-Rom features the most spectacular photography of Australian Reptiles and Frogs ever seen.  The unique reptile/habitat system provides the viewer with clear pictures of unsurpassed detail and clarity.  The marriage of both specimen and habitat provides the viewer with a unique perspective of the immediate habitat of the specimen portrayed, creating the exciting atmosphere of virtually being there yourself.  The accompanying text is brief, yet provides the reader with highly accurate data pertaining to each species and their particular habitat.

Each CD-Rom has been professionally pressed from a glass master, ensuring the highest transfer quality.

Don't miss out.  The Wild Image CD-Rom is a must have for anyone with an interest in Australian Herpetology.
CD-Rom including postage

Sample images from Australian Reptiles Volume 1

The thumbnails depicted here are of a much reduced resolution and size to those on the CD-Rom. All the images accessible from this page are copyright 2001 Wild Image and may not be used without the written permission of the copyright owners.  (The images on the CD-Rom also have more discreet copyright messages)

The images below give only the slightest hint of what will unfold before you when you purchase the CD-Rom.D.Name
australian scrub python morelia kinghorni

Morelia kinghorni

australian scrub python habitat
coastal taipan oxyuranus scutellatus
Oxyuranus scutellatus
coastal taipan habitat
marbled velvet gecko oedura marmorata
Oedura marmorata
marbled velvet gecko habitat
canegrass dragon diporiphora winneckei
Diporiphora winneckei
canegrass dragon habitat
red eyed tree frog litoria chloris
Litoria chloris
red eyed tree frog habitat