gondwana reptile productions by rob valentic photo gallery of a selection of australian dragon lizards
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Rob Valentic's Photographs - Australian Dragon Lizards (Agamidae).

Click on thumbnails to view larger images.

  Thorny Devil Moloch horridus       Thorny Devil Moloch horridus       Australian Frilled Lizard Chlamydosaurus kingii         Pindan Dragon Lizard Diporiphora pindan        Dwarf Bearded Dragon Lizard Pogona m. mitchelli         Central Bearded Dragon Lizard Pogona vitticeps           Common Bearded Dragon Lizard Pogona vitticeps            Burns Dragon Lizard Amphibolurus burnsi       Australian Painted Dragon Lizard Ctenophorus pictus
  Thorny Devil                 Thorny Devil                  Frilled Lizard                   Pindan Dragon                Dwarf Bearded Dragon  Central Bearded Dragon    Common Bearded Dragon  Burns' Dragon                Painted Dragon
  Moloch horridus          Moloch horridus           Chlamydosaurus kingii  Diporiphora pindan       Pogona m. mitchelli      Pogona vitticeps              Pogona barbata               Amphibolurus burnsi     Ctenophorus pictus

Boyd's Forest Dragon Lizard Hypsilurus boydii.         Tawny Dragon Ctenophorus decresii        Female Tawny Dragon Ctenophorus decresii                         Pebble Dragon Lizard Tympanocryptis cephalus
  Boyd's Forest Dragon     Tawny Dragon                Tawny Dragon               Netted Dragon               Pebble Dragon
  Hypsilurus boydii           Ctenophorus decresii    Ctenophorus decresii    Ctenophorus nuchalis  Tympanocryptis cephalus