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Framed photographic prints of Australian snakes, lizards, frogs and their habitats. 

Framed photographic prints Australian Reptiles by Rob Valentic                                      Framed photographic prints of Australian Reptiles and their Habitats by Rob Valentic
Each frame is finished with a detailed caption, providing a unique insight into the behavior of the wildlife depicted and accurate locality data.
The captions for each of the samples shown are provided below:
Caption frame 1:  
Black Whipsnake Demansia vestigiata
Open sites with spaced tussocks are the favoured haunts of the Black Whipsnake.  These areas afford them the distant views that give them an edge over both quarry and predator.  Cruising through the mosaic of gaps at extraordinary speed, they scan the horizon with large eyes that are capable of detecting even the slightest movement.  Black Whipsnakes can slip away from potential threats and track moving prey well in advance.  Once a lizard is alerted to a cruising Whipsnake and attempts to flee, it is pursued with superior speed and agility until caught.  These snakes often seize and ingest struggling prey without a break in momentum as they hotly pursue their next meal.
Herveys Range, north-eastern Queensland, Australia.
Photograph: Rob Valentic, Gondwana Reptile Productions.

Caption frame 2:  
Centralian Blue-tongue Skink Tiliqua multifasciata
A Centralian Blue-tongue emerges from the protection of a Hummock Grass clump and moves to an exposed site, basking in the morning sunlight.  Climbing onto a partially embedded rock rising through the gibber, he postures the body at right angles to the suns rays.  He also tilts the body to one side, exposing a larger surface area to the sun. Flattening the body and lying prostrate to the rock maximises the absorption of radiant heat emanating from it's surface. The rock also aids in breaking up the lizards outline, rendering him less obvious to the many raptors patrolling the skies overhead.  Reaching a body temperature requisite for normal activity as quickly as possible is paramount whilst exposed and vulnerable to predation.  By employing a combination of postural adjustments the Centralian Blue-tongue improves his chances of survival.
Barkly Highway Inn, Barkly Tableland, Northern Territory, Australia.
Photograph: Rob Valentic, Gondwana Reptile Productions


The Photographer

All photographs have been taken by the highly acclaimed, professional herpetological photographer, Rob Valentic. Rob's work has graced the pages of Australian Geographic, Reptiles Australia, Reptilian UK and Reptiles USA magazines, along with numerous books and herpetological journals worldwide. His photographs are represented online by two professional agencies, the Nature Picture Library in Bristol (England) and the ANT Photo Library in Melbourne (Australia). All of the photographs have been taken on fully manual vintage film cameras coupled to the world’s finest German Zeiss lenses.

The Prints

The slides have been professionally drum scanned at an extremely high resolution, then outputted using the finest commercial printers available. The resultant prints are of the highest quality with a superior look and beautiful lustre. They offer incredible detail, colour resolution and archival quality. Encased in glass with rear seals, the prints are rated at a lifetime without any sign of fading.

The Frames

The prints are then taken to be custom framed by a professional framer and are sold ready to hang. The borders are double matted with archival museum quality mats. Each has a caption that provides a unique insight into the behaviour of the wildlife depicted and contains accurate locality data where known.  The colours of the mats have been left entirely to the discretion of the framer (35 years experience) and have been chosen to best offset each print or multiple prints within a given frame.  

The end result is a product offering absolute quality for a lifetime to the discerning buyer.


"I first met Rob at a Melbourne Reptile Expo a couple of years back where I was drawn to his display of framed photographic images. I can vividly remember being mesmerised by the clarity and detail on an image of a Dajarra Death Adder. Since then I have had the opportunity to view a comprehensive number of Rob's images. I find the quality of his work exceptional. To me he has the ability to showcase each specimen and it's habitat at a premium, even to appear larger than life. Every time I view a new image from Rob I find myself studying the subject for a considerable amount of time. Not surprising that I found I had to purchase one of Rob's framed prints and a wonderful image of a Banded Knob Tail Gecko now takes pride of place on the wall of our Gecko room."
Neil Charles (prominent Australian herpetologist).

"I have some good shots I think, but they are pretty boring compared to say, Rob Valentic.  The first time I saw some of his work, I realised that the universe does contain examples of ultimate perfection."  
Richard Wells (prominent Australian herpetologist).

"The pictures really glow with life, and they show the fantastic beauty of their subjects to full advantage.  Rob is a superb photographer, and manages to capture his subjects in exactly the right poses, in exactly the right habitats, with phenomenal lighting.  A large picture of Rob's - of a whipsnake species named after me, but which I've yet to see in life- adorns my office wall.  I'm afraid that after seeing this magnificent image so often, the real snake may ultimately prove to be a bit of a
Rick Shine AM FAA, Professor in Evolutionary Biology.

"Rob's photography is the most breathtaking imagery seen and readers will no doubt be avid fans after this issue!"
Simon Watharow (editor Reptiles Australia Magazine).

I have a huge and varied collection of outstanding photographs of Australian Reptiles, Frogs and the diverse Australian landscape.  Frames are custom made to order.  Frames can include a species,  multiple species and/or their habitat upon request.  Feel free to browse my online gallery of Australian reptiles and frogs to view a small selection of what I have to offer.  You can email me at contactus@gondwanareptileproductions.com to discuss your specific needs further.