gondwana reptile productions by rob valentic photo gallery of a selection of australian geckos
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Rob Valentic's Photographs - Australian Geckos (Gekkonidae).

Click on thumbnails to view larger images.

  Marbeled Velvet Gecko Oedura marmorata         Marbled Velvet Gecko Oedura marmorata           Marbled Velvet Gecko Oedura marmorata         Jewelled Gecko Strophurus elderi           Prickly Knob-tailed Gecko Nephrurus asper            Knop tailed Gecko Nephrurus amyae         Knob tailed Gecko Nephrurus sheai           Beaded Gecko Lucasium immaculatum           Spiny tailed Gecko Strophurus c. aberrans
  Marbled Velvet Gecko    Marbled Velvet Gecko      Marbled Velvet Gecko    Jewelled Gecko                 Knob-tailed Gecko            Knob-tailed Gecko          Knob-tailed Gecko           Ground Gecko                   Spiny-tailed Gecko
Oedura marmorata        Oedura marmorata         Oedura marmorata        Strophurus elderi              Nephrurus asper               Nephrurus amyae           Nephrurus sheai              Lucasium immaculatum   Strophurus c. aberrans

  Northern Spiny tailed Gecko Strophurus ciliaris          Spiny tailed Gecko Strophurus c. ciliaris           Thick tailed Gecko Underwoodisaurus milii                      Knob=tailed Gecko Nephrurus stellatus               Leaf-tailed Gecko, Saltuarius salebrosus.       Granite Belt Thick tailed Gecko Uvidicolous sphyrurus      
  Spiny-tailed Gecko          Spiny-tailed Gecko            Thick-tailed Gecko           Knob-tailed Gecko             Knob-tailed Gecko        Leaf-tailed Gecko          Leaf-tailed Gecko         Granite Belt Thick-tailed Gecko
Strophurus c. ciliaris      Strophurus c. ciliaris        Underwoodisaurus milii  Nephrurus l. occidentalis  Nephrurus stellatus     Saltuarius wyberba        Saltuarius salebrosus   Uvidicolous sphyrurus